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With the plethora of real estate gurus hitting the airwaves of late-night TV, it can be a daunting task to figure out which, if any, are legitimate. And with the huge sums most of them charge (Armando Montelongo charges $40,000+) it is imperative to a budding real estate investor to find out which is worthwhile.

As a general rule (there are exceptions), most of these "infomercial gurus" are fast-talking hucksters. Several, like Russ Dalbey, John Beck and John Alexander have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission. A few have even ended up in jail. And several, like Robert G Allen and Albert Lowry have filed bankruptcy at one time or another.

But there is a good real estate investor training course or two available.

One of the better ones is offered by Carlton Sheets. But don't jump just yet. While Mr. Sheets promotes legitimate methods, his course is mighty shy on enough detail to actually put it to use. And there is a purpose behind the lack of detail - Mr. Sheets wants you to buy into his expensive coaching.

This is true with all the gurus (except for "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate", the only real estate course to include free coaching). The main difference between Carlton Sheets and most of the other infomercial gurus lies in the simple fact that Sheets actually teaches legitimate (though limited) methods. Many of the gurus pimp methods that are nothing more than snake oil.

Of the Toip 20 gurus, Carlton Sheets rates about #3.
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The best form of investment would always be education. Educating oneself and training oneself does not mean that you should just read this and read that. Educating and training oneself means that you should put yourself through a real estate training course. The best way to learn a trade is to learn from the ones who are certified to teach that specific trade. Being a real estate investor involves a lot of money which we do not want to waste and hand it over to the sad fate of loss. Save yourself the loss and invest on a real estate training course where you will learn from the basics all the way to the specifics.


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